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 Origin of the Louisiana School Facility Managers Association (LSFMA)

     In the spring semester of 1991, Dr. Edward F. Zuber, an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Louisiana at Monroe (then Northeast Louisiana University) convened a meeting of 18 school facility managers from throughout Louisiana at the Holiday Inn in Monroe. Dr. Zuber had been previously communicating with these men by telephone and fax concerning the possibility of meeting and creating a statewide organization that would exchange information, promote acceptable practices and standards, and ultimately improve school facility management in Louisiana. At the conclusion of this meeting, the Louisiana School Facility Managers Association (LSFMA) was created. In January 1994, Joe Bourque, a facility manager from Jefferson Davis Parish, was elected President of the organization. Throughout the history of the organization, 16 different facility managers have served as president.


     The LSFMA holds two meetings a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. At the spring meeting vendors are invited to display their equipment and supplies. The fall conference is the annual business meeting where speakers from state and regional agencies present to the members.

Louisiana School Facility Managers Association Constitution and Bylaws





This organization shall be known as the LOUISIANA SCHOOL FACILITY MANAGERS ASSOCIATION synonymously referred to as LSFMA.




In the interest of enhancing and promoting the educational process, the purpose of this Association shall be:


(1) To provide for the exchange of information that will improve school facility management, maintenance and care by promoting acceptable policies, standards and practices.


(2)  To promote the professional advancement of school facility management personnel.




The Association shall have three classes of members: ACTIVE, COMMERCIAL, and LIFETIME.


(1)  ACTIVE: All persons engaged in school facility management activities, both state and local, such as planning, construction, maintenance or custodial activities, are eligible for active membership in this Association. These shall include school/college administrators, directors or supervisors, members of boards of instruction and other involved employees.


(2)  COMMERCIAL: Commercial membership shall be open to reputable business concerns. Commercial members may attend meetings of the Association, but may neither vote nor hold office.


(3)  LIFETIME: Any active member in the LSFMA who retires from his/her position in the school system, or as past president of the Association, may be awarded a lifetime membership in the Association by a majority vote of the Executive Committee at any regularly scheduled meeting of the committee.




(1)  ACTIVE: The dues of an Active Member shall be forty dollars ($40.00) per meeting, and payment of such dues entitles each member to receive the proceedings of the Association.


(2)  COMMERCIAL: The annual dues for Commercial Membership shall be fifty dollars ($50.00). Payment of such dues entitles each Commercial Member a listing of all Active Members of LSFMA.


(3)  LIFETIME: No dues are required of Lifetime Members.


(4)  REGISTRATION AND OTHER FEES: All other fees shall be determined by the Executive Committee.




(1)  PRINCIPAL OFFICERS: The principal officers of the Association shall be a President, President-Elect, Secretary and a Treasurer. Their terms of office shall be for one (1) year, except for the Secretary and the Treasurer, whose terms will be for two (2) years. The officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the present Association's annual (October) meeting.


(2)  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The Executive Committee shall consist of the current President, President-Elect, secretary and treasurer and two members selected from the active membership. At large members will serve two (2) year terms, one to be elected on even number years and one to be elected on odd number years. All past presidents shall be a member of the past Presidents Council and serve as a part of the Executive Committee.


(3)  OFFICERS: An officer shall take office immediately after election and serve until their successor has been elected. In the event the Presidency is vacated, the President-Elect will assume the responsibilities and duties of the Presidency until the end of his/her term.




(1)  PRESIDENT: The president shall set dates for and convene all meetings. He/she shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee and the Association. He/she shall perform other duties that may be necessary for the conduct of this office. He/she shall have authority to call emergency meetings of the Executive Committee and the general membership or to speak for the membership.


(2)  PRESIDENT-ELECT: The President-Elect shall act for the President in his/her absence. He/she shall act as coordinator of the Spring conference and trade show.


(3)  SECRETARY: The Secretary-Treasurer shall act as membership chairman of the organization. He/she shall mail out and receive all correspondence in reference to the Spring and Fall meetings, concerning both Active and Commercial Members. He/she will give all monies collected to the Treasurer, for deposit in the LSFMA account. He/she is also responsible for coordinating the Trade Show, which includes mailing correspondence to all vendors, making Name Tags, setting up Hospitality time, etc. He/she shall register members and vendors at each meeting.


(4)  TREASURER: The treasurer shall serve as the financial officer of the organization. An account shall be established at a bank in the name of the Association. The treasurer shall at the annual (October) meeting submit a written copy of a financial report to each member of the Association. Also, the treasurer shall serve on the Membership Committee.




Meetings of this Association shall be a Spring conference and trade show, an annual meeting in October, and others held at a time and place to be named by the President, with approval of the Executive Committee.




Any amendment to this Constitution and these by-laws shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee no later than thirty (30) days prior to the annual (October) meeting. The President shall then present the proposed amendments to the Association at its meeting with the Executive Committee's recommendation to adopt or reject. Amendments may be adopted by a 2/3 majority vote of those present at the annual (October) meeting.




All exhibitors will comply with the exhibitor's rules as established by the Executive Committee and must hold a Commercial Membership.




The records for the LSFMA are open to the public for inspection inspection upon written request.


Website: www.lsfma.org         Email: lsfma.org@gmail.com

Mailing Address:    LSFMA  PO BOx 80294, Lafayette, LA 70508